Corralejo Villa holidays should be great fun so here is some information you will may find useful

Please take time to read this as it you may find it to be beneficial.

We want you to have a great stay with us in Fuerteventura, we have spent much time on the beautiful island and have a lot of experience. We will always be happy to answer any questions you may have and have put together the following information to help you plan for your stay.

On your arrival

Fuerteventura has a modern, well equipped airport. Taxis are usually readily available outside of the terminal and the journey from the airport to the villa is approx. 40 minutes at a cost of approx €40.

Car Hire

We recommend you hire a car in order to make the most of your stay on the island. Hiring a car can be a tedious and sometimes painful process when your dealing with a broker or distant company. We sure know, been there and got the t-shirt!

That is why we strongly recommend that if you wish to hire a car you go to Cicar ( They are in our experience by far the best car hire company on the island. These are the reasons why but feel free to check them out for yourself!

The insurance is 100% fully comprehensive. There is no excess to pay if you have an accident.

Other companies say their policy is comprehensive but fail to tell you they have a €250 - €600 euro policy excess which you will have to pay in the event of an accident. These companies try to sell you a further Collision Damage Waiver for a high cost (€20 per day!) when you collect your car (something you will not have been aware of when you booked).

Pay for what you use fuel. You will only be charged for the fuel you have used, unused fuel is refunded.

Other companies may make a compulsory charge for a full tank of fuel (€60 approx) when you pick the car up, regardless of how much fuel you use during your stay.

Collect in the airport terminal and return to the terminal.

Some car hire companies are based off-site and use a minibus to take you to their depot. If you don't like what your getting when you get there (situation like expecting 7 seater and they try to give you a 5 seater) you have to make your own way back to the airport with all of your luggage!

Brilliant Customer Service

Book online, email them or call them, they speak good english, are polite and as far as we are aware you still only have to make your payment when you arrive to pick up the car.

Please don't be fooled by the big brands / money saving websites. Getting your holiday off to a good start is easy when you know how!

Stick to the rules of the road, don't drink and drive!

An obvious statement but there are regular checks on the main roads. Please use your common sense, the roads are generally very good and largely unoccupied but watch your speed, you never know when a speed trap is just ahead.

Protect yourself from the sun

We love the sunshine but too much can have adverse effects, please make sure you have adequate protection in the form of a good quality UVA and UVB sun screen lotion. Fuerteventura has a lovely cooling breeze which can be very deceptive, if the sun is shining you need lotion!

Insect Bites

Wherever you go for a sunshine holiday you are likely to encounter mosquitos and fuerteventura is no exception. There are some great products available such as plug-in repellents but chances are if your going to get bit then it is most likely whilst your out at night. Therefore we recommend that you take a suitable spray on repellent which will give you protection indoors and outdoors.

Be aware of the power of the sea

Fuerteventura undoubtedly has some of the finest beaches in europe and beuatiful crystal clear seas. In some places the sea currents will be very strong. It is critical that you or your children do not stray too far into the water and get out of your depth. We want you to safely enjoy your time on the beaches and in the sea, please be vigilant. For those of you with younger children we highly recommend the lagoons at El Cotillo, here your children can safely paddle, swim and play in the calmer waters.


There is very little crime on the island of fuerteventura, however it is necessary that you continue to take precautions as you would if you were in the uk. Being a holiday resort with an influx of people from various destinations it is likely that any persons with untoward intent will be vistors to the island.

Power Supply

Fuerteventura has a 230/240v electrical system using the 2 pin european style plugs. It *should be safe for you to take and use electrical devices from the uk as long as you use a suitable plug adaptor. We do have a fairly comprehensive selection of appliances in the villa for your use, if there is any specific you require that is not listed on our facilities page please feel free to ask if we have one for your use.

*We offer no guarantee or warranty

You get what you pay for and sometimes a bit less

We want you to enjoy your experience of fuerteventura but like any holiday resort you need to use your judgement when deciding to take advantage of an offer. For instance:

Beware of fake goods for sale, cheap branded clothing, ipods, ipads, laptops and digital goods may not be the bargain they seem.

There are lots of great restaurants and some not so great, food is generally a bit cheaper than in the UK but rarely significantly cheaper. You don't want to ruin your holiday for the sake of a "bargain" meal:

If your thinking of booking an excursion or activity that involves some risk don't be afraid to ask to see professional qualification or insurance before you make your decision. Also check your holiday insurance covers you for the activity.

Doctors and Pharmacies

Corralejo has a very good medical practitioner Dr Kerstin Werner who speaks fluent english and operates a practice in Corralejo center. If you have a condition that needs treatment during your stay help is on hand. Please be aware you will be expected to pay for your treatment.

Corralejo has an excellent pharmacy in the high street with some english speaking staff who will be happy to assist you. They can offer good advice and suggest treatments that should help. If you knowingly require prescription medicines please make sure you take sufficient quantities with you on your holiday. The pharmacy are very unlikely to provide you with prescription medication on presentation of a UK prescription.

If you have any questions or need any further advice please ask, we will be happy to help.